Where are the corporate headquarters located?
Our corporate headquarters are located at:

875 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 800
Milwaukee, WI 53202
What is the ticker symbol and CUSIP number for the common stock?
Ticker Symbol: APAM
CUSIP: 04316A108
On what exchange does APAM common stock trade?
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
What accounting firm audits the financial statements?
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Who are the members of the Board of Directors and Management Team?
You can view our Board of Directors and Management Team by visiting the Board of Directors and Management Team sections of our investor relations website.
When does the fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends on December 31.
When is the next earnings release?

We post information about the next earnings release approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled release date. When posted, that information can be found in the Events section.

Can I be notified of upcoming news releases?
Our website offers an automated email alert system that will notify you when new information has been posted to our investor relations website. Click here to sign up for our email subscription service.
Where can I find the SEC filings or download and view quarterly and annual reports?
Quarterly and annual reports, as well as other SEC filings, can be accessed on the SEC Filings section of our investor relations website or directly from the SEC: www.sec.gov.
How can I contact the Investor Relations department?
The Investor Relations department contact information can be found in the Contact Us section of this website. Requests can also be sent via mail:

875 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 800
Milwaukee, WI 53202
How can I buy APAM common stock?
You can buy APAM common stock through your broker.
Who is the transfer agent and what is their contact information?
Equiniti Trust Company, LLC
6201 – 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219
Investor Relations Dept

Our transfer agent can help you with a variety of shareholder-related services including change of address, stock transfer, account status and other administrative services. You can contact the transfer agent at 1-800-937-5449.
Does Artisan Partners Asset Management pay dividends?
We intend to pay quarterly cash dividends. The declaration and payment of all such dividends will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.
Is there a Direct Stock Purchase Plan available?
There is no Direct Stock Purchase Plan offered at this time.